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Us’ 2nd Trailer

Like most people, I left “Get Out” using the phrase “I’m shook.” the movie was incredible. But not only was it incredible, it also created a new dynamic in very very visible pop culture.

Like most people I knew Jordan Peele from his masterful comedy stylings with Key & Peele, I was pretty much set to enjoy some light comedic horror with some tongue and cheek hilarity reminiscent of Simon Pegg. Pegg’s movies have a tendency to start off as a mockery and slowly evolve into the perfect love letter to the genre, I was ready. Instead, we were given a movie that only tangentially touched on horror tropes while highlighting real social issues and thought processes that keep real systematic racism around.

I was not ready. Get Out fucked me up. It revealed a side to Peele’s intellect and social commentary that I simply hadn’t prepared myself to deal with. Peele cemented himself as a creative mind in horror to be respected and watched. It was the sort of movie where after watching it, you needed to watch it a few more times just to catch all the nuance.

Now his second offering is upon us. “Us” and already we are seeing a movie that takes us far and beyond the limits of what we are normally comfortable with. From the soundtrack choices to the striking visual of horror during daylight, the trailer alone is a lovely jaunt through adrenaline-laced terror. Yesterday on Super Bowl Sunday, Jordan dropped another trailer on us, this one seems to offer more of the story, but everything is still a mystery.

Us drops on 3.22.19. And we cannot wait.

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