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The Only One That Matters

Do you see that house? Shrouded overgrown plants like some sort of forgotten temple in the wilds of South America. You can imagine strange rites to stranger gods, swinging sex parties that devolve into cannibalistic orgies of violence. But none of that is real, all in your head. You see, that house is just that, a simple overgrown house, it doesn’t matter.

Walk through the front door, you see that painting? Mildew has had its way, and its seen better days for sure. It still tells a story, a family over dinner, cajoling. Do you notice, even through the cracks and mold, did you see the way malice is written on the faces of the subject? It’s exciting right, makes you think something awful is about to spring to life. It’s well done, but it doesn’t really matter.

No, go down stairs. Its perfectly safe, even if they creak, and the moldering carpet gives distressingly under you. Did you know, when the house was initially built, the carpet was brought over from Saudi Arabia? Only the finest for fine upstanding people. You can never spare any expense when it comes to showing people how fine a person you are. Look at the trim, in its day this carpet alone would cost what some people made in a lifetime. But, ah you guessed it, it doesn’t matter.

Feel my knife slip between your ribs. I like to puncture the lungs so we can do without all the screaming. I find it echoes in this basement in a very unpleasant way. Do you see the blood pooling at your feet already? I know it gets lost in the brackish water, this place always floods during the rain. What can you do? I know it hurts, and you are probably starting to panic. But your pain doesn’t matter, not really.

Look at my altar. Isn’t it beautiful? I gathered each shell myself, painstakingly through years of diving and studying the deep. You have to grab just the right ones you see. Let me hold you up, see when I press the shell there, it fills with your blood. It’s so beautiful. I often wonder if they need the blood, or if they just love the way it looks and feels and smells. I know I do. But look, do you see the bubbles rising. They’re coming.

They are the only thing that matters.

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