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The First Shred

When author DLW first approached us and informed us she had a trilogy of novellas, I was interested. I had been looking for Grim Fantasy, it’s on our wish list. I also have a soft spot for series, I think that makes us a little different than a lot of publishers who hear about series and really want a proven first book or two before they commit. But we at Madness Heart Press believe in building a brand with writers who want to build a brand. Her synopsis made no sense to me, but lots of things don’t make sense to me, and there seemed to be some gritty darkness at the core of her story, so I decided to give it a shot.

I tell everyone that what we publish is books we can’t put down. That isn’t exactly true, sometimes someone’s concept is just so delicious that I can’t turn it away, even though I know I’ll need to work with the author on the actual writing or story telling.

DLW’s first novella, The First Shred is not a case where I felt the need to work with her. I idly picked it up, and I put it down only under duress. I have other things I have to do during the day, at the time I was working on the Creeping Corruption Anthology and the Shards of Shattered Sentiments Audiobook. I can’t just sit around and read. But I thought about it constantly, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I read her novella, and then, I was mad I couldn’t keep reading with the next book.

That is what we want to publish. We want to publish books that call to you when your too busy to read, that you think about multiple times. When I sent this out to reviewers, one response I got was “I read this multiple times” and I thought, ‘Perfect.’

This book is hard to define, it’s gritty and dark, filled with murder and intrigue and weird magic. You’ll just have to go pick up ‘First Shred’ for only $4.99 at your favorite shop. And then head over to her blog and follow DLW yourself.

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  1. Greetings to ya. Lyn from Metalhead Minis introduced me to your work. I don’t currently have a Facebook but I suppose that could change if it needed to. I am a writer and editor. I write fantasy exclusively and grimdark fantasy is my passion. (If you have ever read Abercrombie that will give you an idea.) But I can do horror as well. Lovecraft is one of my greatest influences. I was hoping to speak with you about Madness Heart Press, both in terms of contributions and editing. I’ve had my own copy editing business for over 15 years now. What do you think?

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