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The Bone Factory by Christopher Reed

“There are things out there,” says Inmate 10742. Yes, there are. He’s just one of the ordinary people whose life is forever altered by an extraordinary event in this collection of encounters with forces unknown. The Bone Factory and Other Stories of the Supernatural grabs us with a cold hand and pulls us into the dark corners of human experience. A doctor must save her child from a creature born of an ancient blood curse. A man who’s looking death in the eye is visited by an entity from another dimension. A haunting in the home of a physics professor reveals a disturbing equation that might shatter our notion of existence.

These stories will do more than question your philosophies. They’ll make you turn on all the lights when your cat suddenly jerks awake and stares, frozen, down that dark hallway. After all, you didn’t hear anything.

How secure are you in your concept of reality?

We are so proud to bring you this collection from author Christopher Reed. Over 250 pages of terror, humor and creepy stories to keep you shivering this Halloween. Dive in, enjoy, and scream your Halloween away!

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