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The 2019 Anthologies Birthday Sale

We had an amazing 2019, just look at the books in the banner above, it was a completely incredible first year. Now we’ve paired back, slowed down a bit so we could ensure that the books we were bringing in match out vision, we’re working with visionary authors like Susan Snyder, Lucas Mangum, Charles Bernard and more.

But we don’t want the incredible work of authors like Jeremy Megargee or Paul Lubaczewski to get left behind, we have the stock, we have the means, we would like to get our 2019 Anthologies into your hands now. As an added bonus, we are donating our June 2020 Profits to Black Lives Matter. We stand with all oppressed and marginalized populations and want to put our money where our mouth is!

  • Creeping Corruption – A collection of stories about seeping corruption slowly tainting something once wholesome.
  • Trigger Warning: Body Horror – Does what it says on the box, upsetting stories of body horror.
  • American Cult – Stories of political and social distortion from the heart of the rotting empire.
  • Of the Book – Jewish folk tales and scary stories from amazing Jewish authors.

Every anthology is 1/2 price from now until 6-15.

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