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Susan Snyder Joins the Team

I want everyone to welcome Susan Snyder to the writing team here at Madness Heart Press, you may recognize her work from the Body Horror Anthology, and from our interview with her on Madness Heart Radio. Susan will be writing two features for the blog!

Abhorrent Versification will be regular horror poetry by various authors with Susan leading the charge and operating as the featured poet. Anyone who has spoken to me knows I adore this horror poetry and want to feature it wherever possible!

And her very own passion project, Susan is addicted to Sharksploitation movies, think of all the greats from Sharknados to Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Shark Excorist, and Sharktopus. Sunday Funday will now include a review of your favorite and least favorite shark themed horror love letters!

We are very very excited to welcome her to the team!

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  1. Congratulations Susan Snyder, from Mom and Cindy!

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