Corners of the World

In ‘Corners of the World’ collections we showcase writers and authors from all around the world, each collection focuses on a different subset of people from different cultures. Giving their unique voices and stories a chance to shine. For these collections, we want to bring the folk stories and societies to live in stark horror through the eyes of those who inhabit them.

Currently Closed – Submissions will open in January of 2020

  • Violence, sex, and gore must be pertinent and interesting to the story.
  • Rape is never acceptable.
  • Anything too gratuitous will be rejected.
  • Racism/Sexism/Bigotry of any form will never be accepted here.
  • Double check your grammar and spelling.
  • Format your story correctly.
  • Please submit all stories in DOC/RTF format. 
  • Reprints are ok.
  • Please include a small bio that includes your own connection to the Jewish people or culture.
  • We retain exclusive publishing rights for 12 months. 
  • We pay $5.00 for stories
  • Deadline is 10.30.20 – 
    • We give this a long submission time due to the narrow nature of our search. Once we have the all the stories we need we close submissions.