Madness Heart Press Book Submissions

This call is for our 2024 publishing year and IS NOW OPEN. Manuscripts sent before this call opens will not be considered.

Publishing with Madness Heart Press

We would love to be your publisher. With KDP and other self-publishing options, you may wonder why you would choose a small indie publisher. As your publisher we will:

  • Edit your work.
  • Proofread your work.
  • Hire an artist to create your cover.
  • Publish your work and have it available as a physical product.
  • Publish your work in ebook format.
  • Promote your work on our website and through social media.
  • Sell your work on our website and at any events we attend.

What Does the Contract Entail?

  • 5-year agreement.
  • English rights for
    • Softcover
    • ebook
    • audiobook
  • 50% Net Retail Royalties. (Retail cost of book minus shipping/printing/taxes)
  • Author Copies
    • 5 Contributor Copies
    • At cost author copies upon request.

What Happens at the End of 5 Years?

At the end of the five years, we will review sales and how happy we are with the author/publisher relationship. We’ll ask for your feedback and if we agree we will extend the agreement and continue to publish and distribute your book until such a point that you or we wish to dissolve that agreement.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Anti-Fascist/Anti-Capitalist Horror & Genre Fiction – emphasize the PUNK in splatterpunk.
  • Experimental Horror – Art books, non-book format, plays, poetry, strange projects that don’t fit a clean genre mold
  • Strange and Bizarre, Psychedelic Literature
  • Jewish Genre Fiction: horror, science fiction, fantasy, and surrealistic fiction. Jewish stories with supernatural/unnatural/science fiction elements. Aggadah Try It is specifically for Jewish-themed stories written by Jewish authors.
  • Dark/Anti-Fascist Non-Fiction
  • 25k+ Word Counts for Novellas

What Aren’t We Looking For?

  • Traditional Horror
  • Short Story Collections
  • Reprints (this includes stories and novels previously published online)
  • Extreme horror is on an invite-basis only.
  • Jewish studies/Historical fiction/Biblical Commentary

What Should You Submit?

  • Cover Letter
    • Short Bio
    • Social Media links/handles
    • Any awards for writing you have received
    • The pitch of the novel, ie: the basic concept/idea.
  • Synopsis
    • This should include an overview of the entire narrative arc including the conclusion.
  • Title
    • Please include the title, word count, and which of the four sub-genre [Antifascist, Experimental, Jewish, or Bizarro/Strange/Psychedelic] your work falls under.