2022 Pitch Submissions Guidelines

Submissions for 2022 Are Now Closed
We will reopen submissions for 2023 March 1st 2022

We want to see your pitches. We want to see the stories you hope to see come to light. As opposed to asking for manuscripts or queries, we are opening up the flood gates for your grandest ideas. This is a completely open process, so anyone can submit and no one is given preferential treatment. When we accept a pitch we’ll move it to a spot on our 2022 publishing calendar.

Your pitch could be for a manuscript you’ve been sitting on, or for one you’ve been wanting to write. That said, we want to hear pitches for books that will exist in 2022. We want to fill a publishing schedule with amazing things. When we accept a pitch, that’s just the first step in a process. Once your pitch is accepted we’ll work with you and talk with you about your schedule and vision, but there won’t be a contract offered until we have seen and approved a final manuscript.

What Are We Looking For?

Madness Heart Press is a home for all dark literature. We have made our name by looking for a diverse portfolio of horror. Of course, we aren’t just publishing horror novels, we have done chapbooks, poetry, novellas, short story collections. We are also interested in non-fiction, plays, and any number of forms of storytelling. So long as they are dark, and twisted, we are interested.

We are interested in all manner of sub-genre as well. Erotic, Extreme, Splatter, Bizarre, Serial Killers, Sci-Fi. We hate to say it over and over again, but if your story is dark, we may be interested in it no matter what genre or format it comes in.

All this said, certain things will catch out eyes faster than others. We want to highlight stories, authors and concepts that aren’t found everywhere. The more unique and one of a kind your pitch is, the more likely we will to move forward with it.

Guidelines for Your Pitches

Your pitch should have 4 parts.

  • Subject: Your subject should be “PITCH – (the type of work [novella, novel, play, poetry collection, etc.] – YOURNAME
  • Your pitch should be ONE paragraph long, an overarching concept, and key story arc that will drive the work.
  • YOU MAY Include ONE paragraph detailing past work, awards, distinctions or anything relevant.
  • DO INCLUDE LINKS to any social platforms or websites.


Ignoring any of the guidelines will result in your pitch being deleted unread. Further, we will only reach out to those pitches we feel would find a good home at Madness Heart Press.

Where Do I Send My Pitch?