About Madness Heart Press

What is Madness Heart Press?

Established in 2019, we are so much more than just an online book store! Madness Heart Press is a small indie horror publisher. We look for authors and for works that won’t be published elsewhere. We gladly consider, Splatterpunk, Extreme Horror, Bizarro, Poetry, and even stage plays. Our goal is to publish the things we love regardless of commercial viability. This dedication to publishing the most interesting books we can find has led us to work with incredible authors on projects that we are insanely proud of. With over 50 books published to date, we are extremely proud of the catalog, and of the family, we have built. We love working with indie authors to create amazing works and getting them out into the world. And, as a small note to authors looking to submit works to us: We will never ask you to pay to be published.

What Do We Publish?


Subversive, transgressive horror. Violent horror that pushes the limits, and has something to say.

Folk & Religious Horror

Horror based on the folklore, beliefs and mythology of cultures around the world


Surrealism that combines the uncanny, the terrifying, and the weird!

Experimental Horror

Plays, poetry, weird unbalanced literature. We want to publish where others fear to go.

Ok, What About Aggadah Try It?

Aggadah Try It is an imprint of Madness Heart Press, it is a place where we publish Jewish speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, bizzaro). It is the same process as Madness Heart Press, but both a wider and narrower scope. While Aggadah Try It only accepts Jewish stories written by Jewish authors, we accept any manuscript in the speculative/genre fiction vein. Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror. We feel that often these genres are ignored or set aside in the Jewish Literary world, and wanted to create a space for these amazing stories to be told.

And That Brings us to Madness Heart Games

The newest imprint of Madness Heart Press, our Game division is dedicated to publishing the best in original and third-party license TTRPG materials. Grimdark and horror-related, we look to build a library of interesting gaming literature that will enhance, horrify, and delight.