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Salamander Justice by Tamika Thompson Out Now

Salamander Justice is a creepy, sexy, fast-paced thriller that’s not afraid to get weird. As a well-crafted love triangle plays out on the surface, powerful elements of the natural world threaten the characters from shadowy corners and watery depths. This page-turner will leave you guessing until the end–and possibly reconsidering your next tropical vacation.
–Katherine Memmel

Veda is a successful public relations director who recently relocated to Kauai where she is grieving the murder of her ex-boyfriend Michael. Sam is a self-proclaimed vegan-pacifist who is searching for his life’s purpose despite being supported by his wealthy family. The salamanders that populate the Hawaiian island, that sneak into homes, and scurry across footpaths are simply an afterthought.

Believing that Veda is “the one,” Sam introduces her to his family in the hopes that he can turn their friendship into something more, but his plan is thwarted when Veda becomes smitten with his older brother Adam. Strange occurrences befall the trio on the anniversary of Michael’s murder, and as Veda chooses Adam, and as Sam becomes increasingly resentful, the love triangle spirals into a jealousy and anger so strong they begin to question reality.

Is the human-like salamander that Veda sees real or imagined? Is the leathery, yellow stripe growing on Sam’s chest just in his head? Salamander Justice asks, Which creatures deserve to live? The answer will prove to be deadly.

Praise for Salamander Justice

Bright and natural phantasmagoric, Salamander Justice examines the grotesque ways of hushed love and its body politic. Tamika Thompson tells a mean monster story, a curiosity of wants against the backdrop of corporate power and violent paradise.
–Monique Quintana

“Tamika Thompson has crafted a thriller unlike any I’ve ever read before. With her distinct voice, Thompson has woven a passionate tale of love, horror, suspense, and magical realism. Salamander Justice is gripping, unique, and self-reflective in a way that, as a reader, I was disarmed by. The way Thompson plays with this idea of identity and echoes of ourselves sticks with you. Not a day goes by where I haven’t thought about it. It’s one of the most original thrillers I’ve read in a long time, I am in awe.”
-Scott Waldyn, Literary Orphans

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