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A holographic sticker roleplaying game for use with system-agnostic settings, adventures, and solo play. or as a  stand-alone game for a group.

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Fiery undead powered by the coming sun hunt humanity. You and your magic are all that stands against it.

The Hungry Dawn is a set of holographic stickers that can be used in conjunction with any System Agnostic setting or game, OR entirely on their own. The game currently includes two 4×4 holographic stickers:

  • AGAINST THE HUNGRY DAWN: by placing the sticker in any book, you create a spell book and character sheet by which you can interact with the world. Using just this sticker you can solo-play any adventure, or play with a group using the GM’s version below.
  • YOU ARE THE HUNGRY DAWN: by placing this sticker in any book, you create a setting guide, allowing you to build and warp the world as you see fit. This GM sticker allows you to run a game of The Hungry Dawn for a group of word mages who are using the player stickers above. This can be played without any further supplemental material OR can be partnered with any adventure or setting you feel is appropriate.

Against the Hungry Dawn pits players against the Sun God Censu Ram. The dawn brings with it the hateful gaze of Censu Ram who scours the earth with her rage, boiling lakes, cooking life, and resurrecting ever-burning corpses as fiery zombies to seek out and devour the player mages. By night, players use the brief span of safety to consult their spellbooks in order to warp and heal the world, cast spells, and overcome challenges and undead set in their path by the ravenous sun.

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Against the Hungry Dawn, You Are the Hungry Dawn, Party Pack


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