The Green Children Help Out


A strange romp through folklore and superheroes told through the lens of science-fiction, fantasy, and Judaism.

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 From Gillian PolackComing July 23rd

In an old tunnel under France, a door leads to a tiny pocket universe called Tsarfat. If you survive the passage through that door, you will become an Envoy to an Earth that’s just a bit different from ours. Earth2 not only has many kinds of magic, it has government offices to regulate that magic.

Once you’re through the door, people will call you a Green Child, or a superhero. So many of your dreams will come true.

Something is very wrong on Earth2. The Green Children are dying. Pits full of fire and brimstone are opening in churches. Doors into a Nazi-ruled universe are appearing.

The Green Children and their friends at the Offices of the Non-Natural Environment have two new tasks: to save themselves … and the world.


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