Splatter League


A Super-Powered Tabletop RPG of Unmitigated Chaos and Collateral Damage



A New Kind of Super Hero Game

You’re not a superhero. Superheroes are clean-cut bozos that wear capes and fuss over rules, law, morality, and order. You? You are vengeance, fury, and wrath. You are a badass that takes shit from no one, dead set on bringing ruin to enemies like fascists, corrupt businesses, corrupt government, uncorrupt government, drunks, dudes that kick dogs, subpar restaurants, or even just rude people. Do your powers make you a hero? Do your actions? Maybe sometimes, a hero is defined more by what they are against than what they are for; damn, I guess you are a superhero.

And What IS Splatter League?

  • 120+ Pages in an A5 Hardbound book.
  • The Complete BADASSFACTOR system
  • New Sodom Texas, a metropolis lousy with supers. Including a map, villains, factions, and areas of town.
  • Hydraulic Mutations – A point crawl adventure by Ian SerVaas
  • Art from Simone Tammetta
  • Art from Luke Spooner
  • Cover by Don Noble

Welcome to the SPLATTER LEAGUE, the no-holds-barred, bare-knuckled game of super-powered fury. With lightning-fast character creation and lightweight rules, you’ll jump right into the action no matter if this is your first time playing a roleplaying game or if you’re a seasoned veteran.

How? Through the use of the brand new…


This game uses the brand-new BADASSFACTOR system. There are only two stats in the game: “Badass Factor” and “Powers.” This design is intended to be lightweight and encourages the rules to be broken and abused. The basic premise is that you should be able to do, and narrate, batshit-crazy, off-the-wall, inane, and frankly ludicrous scenes of wanton destruction and madness.

The Badass factor fluctuates as you play, it is your capabilities, and also your HP. It’s helped along by a resource called “Hate”, which you gain through failure, allowing you to push yourself beyond what SHOULD be possible.

When we sat down to create SPLATTER LEAGUE, we wanted it to be somewhat loose and fast-paced. Mindless splatter and action. But just like the comics that inspire SPLATTER LEAGUE, it has morphed into something far more interesting and nuanced.

You’ll find this game is perfectly designed for one-shots: short games that can be played in a couple of hours. But don’t worry, you can carry a character from one game to another,  we just recommend starting each session with the original scores and a fresh slate, that way you can fully enjoy the BADASSFACTOR system in its full glory!

A single game could see a character going from a barely alive chump to fist-fighting Cthulhu with some sort of rocket-powered punch. You grow more powerful by making the person running the game say “Oh shit!” or “goddamn!!” Or even “That’s stupid, you insane, yet beautiful lunatic!” Power fluctuates wildly and quickly. This isn’t just a philosophy, but is the very crux of the mechanics of the game. It serves as a vehicle for telling off-the-cuff, insane, inane, splattery supers stories. If you want a game that is heavy on action and the only crunch is from the bad guy’s skull, we gotchu, fam.

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