A solo journaling game about torture and pain.

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RED ROOMS, specialized cinema for discerning customers. Native to the DARK WEB where bitcoin can buy anything, DRUGS, electronics, credit cards, and most importantly, LIVES.

For those enterprising showmen and women who have a flair for the dramatic, who have a knack for the CRAFT, there is no end to the wealth that you can accumulate through setting up and running your own RED ROOM.

There are risks of course, the authorities, rivals, victims who escape, but play your cards right, design the perfect room and show for your eager viewers, record it all in your BOOK OF BLOOD, and you could be the next great STAR.

Breathe deep, consider each cut, but always remember…



  • 6×6 Zine format book
  • 32 Pages
  • Solo-RPG rules

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