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Series #1 Includes

  • The Bounce House by Edward Lee
    It’s the biggest, most ostentatious bounce house money can rent. And there is something horrifically strange about it.
    Featuring themes of: Sexual Assault, Verbal Abuse, Child Disfigurement
  • Damned Lazy by Christine Morgan
    When you’re a diabolical detective with a foot in both worlds, going to Hell is all in a day’s work. But this missing persons case will take Matt Brimstone places even he’s never been.
    Featuring themes of: Vulgarity, Crime, Demons
  • Failure by Jay Wilburn
    Across the Earth zombies rise to devour the flesh of mankind. An organ transplant patient fights his body as well as the undead to keep his family safe.
    Featuring themes of: Family, Zombies, OrganFailure
  • The Hillels Have Eyes by John Baltisberger
    A cult under UT, dedicated to perversion and torture, enacts a ritual that demands the murder of a willing sacrifice and an unwilling witness.
    Featuring themes of: Mutilation, Lust, Violence

Series 2 Includes:

  • Bestial by Lucas Mangum
    Some things are not meant for polite society. Some things are meant for the woods.
    Featuring themes of: Werewolves, Gore, Body Horror
  • Congratulations on Your Hatred by Charles R. Bernard
    On Huemul Island, something has awakened. Its creator left a message… and a mission.
    Featuring themes of: Body horror, Nihilism, Gore, Blasphemy
  • Graven Image by Maxwell Bauman
    Stewart Finds special clay in the closet of his art room. Clay that devours his time, and attracts unwanted attention.
    Featuring themes of: Hoodoo, Golem, Violence Against Children.
  • Babble by Douglas Ford
    Young Sammie’s childish speech impossibly seems to consist of Latin. Evidence of possession, or the consequence of a trauma his mother experienced long ago in a remote polar region?
    Featuring themes of: Domestic Abuse, Sexual Trauma, Demons

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