Picking Scabs


A new chapbook of feminist and horror poetry from Susan Snyder

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“This is my collection. It’s about me, drawn from my imagination and my experiences. These poems have been quite cathartic. A bastardized form of therapy where the same few themes kept inserting themselves over and over like horny puppies. Muzzles, fractured teeth, rape and sexual abuse, scattered things, blood smears and, of course, strange ways of fucking. That’s where my mind has wallowed this past year. I rut in the mud where ladies of polite company fear to tread lest they get some on their Sunday best.”

–Susan Snyder

In this follow-up to 2020’s Broken Nails Poetry Collection, Susan lets loose with a voice filled with pain and rage. She bars no holds, she spares no room for lies. These poems are Susan at her most vulnerable, her most powerful, and importantly, her most honest.

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