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A stand-alone Table-top RPG about anticapitalist goblins making ends meet in a cyberpunk dystopian metropolis.

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Odd Gobs is a stand-alone tabletop RPG for 2+ players, fully contained on a single double-sided folding pocket map.

Taking place in a near-future cyberpunk dystopia, the Goblins (that’s you) have to make ends meet in any way they can. What better way than signing up for an app that allows you to take jobs as they come up and do what Goblins do best? (What do Goblins do best? Introduce chaos to any given situation!)

Each game will consist of one player (the GigL Master) creating gigs for the Goblins. The Goblin players will then travel through the liminal spaces of a sprawling cyberpunk metropolis to reach destinations, perform whatever tasks they need to, return to a safe space, and then negotiate their pay, all while avoiding getting burnt out by too many stressors!

Utilizing its own system that allows you to roll whatever sort of dice you have on hand, Odd Gobs is geared for quick pick-up and play. Goblins have tags called Benefits and Stressors that can improve (or hinder) how they do certain tasks. These tags can be modified through shopping, getting paid, getting hurt, or the ever-present CHAOS TABLE.

The map features:

  • A Z-Fold Design, making it easy to pack up and store!
  • Covers that are laminated and durable, making it safe to carry with you to whatever area of the city your GigL jobs take you!
  • One side with rules, random tables for creating jobs and Goblins, and the Chaos Table, which helps the GigL Master add more and more chaos to the game as things go on.
  • One side with a map of the city, which features locations for tasks and random tables that display events, threats, obstacles, and treasures.
  • Easy hackability into other Cyberpunk-themed roleplaying games!
  • The map of the city is player-facing so you can share the beauty of dystopia with all!

And Available for download:

  • Compatibility for Cybermetal 2012 from World Champ Game Co.
    • Gobber OS
    • Jobber Hardware
    • Gobber Software
  • Compatibility for Cy_Borg from Free League Games & Stockholm Kartell
    • New Class
    • Abilities
    • Background

And that’s it! The entire game folds up and fits in your pocket, so you can carry it with you easily while on the run from corpo-police!

Everyday life for users made better: When the crushing monotony of living in this corporate nightmare gets to be too much, leave it to someone else to handle the hard stuff!

  • Choose your Gobber by reviews, skills, and bargain prices
  • Schedule when you want the Gobbers to work—as early as right this very second
  • You can schedule, order, and negotiate pay all through the GigL app!

Become a GigL Job-Gobber!

GigL is the only job app specifically designed for Goblins!  GigL connects people who are busy navigating the neon sludge-filled streets with trusted local Goblins who can lend a hand with everything from home repairs, mechanical monstrosity deactivation, cyber-network wetworks, or cooking to black-market shopping. As a GigL Gobber, you can get paid to do the jobs that are too dangerous or strange for people with salary positions—all while making enough money to afford a lukewarm meal of proto-ramen!

  • Flexible work at your talonsPick and choose the jobs you want to work; but don’t be too picky, or you’ll lose out!
  • Be your own boss: You choose when to log on! You choose what days you want to eat! You choose your own schedule based on how important living indoors is to YOU!
  • You decide how much you make: After you work, you get to negotiate your own pay! Figure out how much you can get out of the client! It’s your goods to win or lose.
  • Grow your empire: Do a good enough job, don’t rip off the client too much, and you could get hired again and again and again, until the inevitable burnout sets in!

  • ROLLINKUNZ – ART + LAYOUT – ROLLINKUNZ is an inky illustrator and bizarro game designer! When the clouds part and the blood moon calls, he does some graphic design too. You may remember him from ORC BORG, The DUNGENERATOR, FRAGNAROK, or numerous other projects straddling the indie tabletop and videoed-game spaces. Find him @ROLLINKUNZ on your favorite social media platform if you need further proof that he makes cool stuff.
  • John BaltisbergerWRITING & GAME DESIGN John Baltisberger is an award-winning author of speculative and genre fiction. He is best known for his Book of Ze’ev and Splatterpulp Series, as well as his upcoming book Whispers of the Dead Saint. He is the Creative Director of Madness Heart Games and has worked on games such as Morkkabeans 1.1, Liminal, SVMP, and others. He is also one of the hosts of the TTRPG playtesting podcast Wandering Monster.

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