He Led Us Into the Wilderness and Spoke to Us


A cosmic horror trip through the history of Jonestown

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In the jungles of Vietnam, Dickie Rutledge bled to fight communism. In the jungles of Guyana, under the watchful eyes of the Reverend Jim Jones, he worked to build Jonestown, a communist utopia. All along, death followed him.

He spends an unforgettable night with Bill, a being who is far less human than he seems, and tells him his story. From San Francisco to Port Kaituma, the A Shau Valley to an eerie space between worlds, Dickie walks Bill through his story. In return, Bill takes the storyteller on a ride to the limits of murder, religious ecstasy, and depravity.

He Led Us Into the Wilderness and Spoke to Us weaves earthly and unearthly powers into a tale where historical fiction meets cosmic horror. Devotion and mass death are explored as threads in a vast tapestry of malign power, one which lurks just beyond the bloody veil of the real.

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