Tales of vaginal horror from Gina Ranalli.



From beautifully crafted flowery depictions by poets and artists and romance novelists, to cutesy euphemisms used by little kids, to crass and crude locker-room terminology, we have no shortage of words for the anatomical complexity that is the female reproductive system.

Oh, portal of wonders, thing of magic, of mystery, of moon-linked mysticism. Creator of life. Object of desire, symbolic, emblematic, likened to even the Holy Grail.

But, know what? However much you sugar-coat it, nature can be gross. Messy, pungent, painful, inconvenient, disgusting, and downright horrific. No amount of high school health classes or cheery hygiene product commercials can prepare you for the …


Attention All Men: This book will F*CK YOU UP! It will irreparably damage your brain. It will DESTROY your conception of that adorable little pleasure-slit between your wife or girlfriend’s legs, and it will WRECK your sex-drive forever. Just when horror had started to get a little complacent, Rinalli has invented a new and outrageous sub-genre: Vagina Horror! This book is brilliantly obscene, conceptually mind-blowing, and ingeniously nauseating. GUSH is chock full of every kind of feminine discharge you’ve ever heard of, and if you read this on a full stomach, you’re making a BIG mistake.

–Edward Lee, author of The Television and City Infernal

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