Ghastly Gastronomy Anthology & Cookbook


A horror anthology revolving around food including the recipes to recreate the dishes described within.

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Our editor in chief, John Baltisbrger, worked in restaurants and in the food industry for many years before coming on board with Madness Heart Press. He demanded we put together a cookbook. I don’t think this is what he meant.

Inside are nine stories,  of terror, fear, and pain that centers themselves around a single dish. Dishes that are perhaps a bit dangerous, but always delicious. These delectable tales span the gamut from serial killers to cultists who worship old dead gods, from sweets that rot the soul to ancient things that demand sustenance of a different kind.

After each story follows a recipe for the dish featured therein,  so you too can make the wonderful meal you just read about, albeit with a few changes to make it palatable for human consumption. This one of a kind cookbook and horror anthology is a must for any gourmand of gruesome horror, or ghastly gastronaut.

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