Artifice of Flesh – UPD 2

The UPD calls in some extra help to deal with a supernatural serial killer that claims the lives and bones of its victims. Can they discover what powers this strange killer before it makes art out of all of them?


Book Two of the UPD Novella Series – Coming Soon

Dianna has worked hard to integrate into the Unnatural Perpetrators Department, it isn’t what she was expecting to do with her life when she joined the FBI, but chasing down supernatural serial killers was certainly interesting work.

Now a series of incredibly grisly killings has everyone on edge, and the team’s supervisory agents Miranda and Ronny are no exception. Forced to bring in a consultant to deal with a killer that flenses its victims and then poses the skeletal remains to mirror classical art, the UPD must work fast or be shut down by their own internal struggles.

Written by John Baltisberger & Reed Alexander

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