Apostles of Affliction


A Mork Borg Scenario about disease.

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Created to go along with the Pilgrims of the Penitent zine and card deck from Chained Assembly, this scenario may be played with or without the cards.

North West of Grift, the village of Ohktanstad is shrouded by the smoke from a dozen funerary pyres. Pilgrims flock to the town eager to follow a new prophet, one who preaches freedom from VERHU and his Miseries. The Prophet and his cult promise that ascension to godhood is possible, if one is only open to the gifts of their god.

Offered in PDF or 10 page A5 Stapled Zine. For Use with Mork Borg.

Apostles of Affliction is an independent production by Madness Heart Games and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

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