Numinous Brutality TTRPG

A WIP Temporary Cover

Numinous Brutality

There was a war in heaven. Good versus evil. Gods who defended humanity and gods who preyed on humanity, tearing one another apart. But the self-imposed limitations of good and love will always fall to the immoral and limitless machinations of evil. And so one after another, the gods of good things died off, drowned in the blood of their kin, slaughtered, butchered, and devoured by their unholy counterparts.

Life continued normally humanity plunging headfirst into an age of industrialization and technological expanse. The dark ages were done and now mankind was finding ways to merge magic and science, craft trains, and massive structures.

But soon the debauchery of dark deities made itself known. Cults and armies rose, each vying for power in the name of their gods. The power struggle, the cruelty inherent in the new paradigm, and the sacrifice of what few good people washed the world in blood anew. Technology was lost, progress swallowed by the flames of zealots who put scientists and inventors to the torch. Skyscraping buildings became hollow monoliths dedicated to the likewise hollow promise of power given by gods with no intention of sharing. The trains still run but on misery and magic rather than electricity and power. The world stretched to its breaking point and humanity plunged into a new era of war, pain, disease, and famine.

A new war in heaven came into being. No god willing to bend his, her or its knee in fealty to any other. To gather worship and strengthen their cause the gods descended to and began begetting. Demigods rose. Conduits of the gods’ awesome might and power. They made war, weakened their enemies’ power, sought out artifacts of the dead gods adding that power to their own. They stand astride a broken humanity with all of mankind’s fate in their hands.

They are heroes and villains, angels to some, demons to others, but each is self-serving, a tool and an heir to the gods of numinous brutality.