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New Release! In The Beginning

Reed Alexander’s newest Cosmic Horror! Reed ramps things up with cosmic invaders that have installed themselves into local governments. Continuing to follow the traditions of H. P. Lovecraft, this book is about the protagonist dealing with the illogical in the most logical fashion. This is followed by a slow descent into madness as the power of their enemies seems to contradict the natural laws of the universe.

Follow Joan, a private investigator who just wanted an easy day, with a simple job, and a quick paycheck.

Joan is sucked into a strange conspiracy when she encounters Dustin, a simple carjacker looking for any easy score. Joan has rules about getting involved, until outside influences force her hand when she discovers Dustin is hunted by a mysterious cult, with strange supernatural powers.

In Joan’s efforts to protect her property, she is dragged headlong into a plot that threatens her, anyone she contacts, and indeed the whole world. Something waits for Joan, with many hands, and many eyes, something that comes from the beginning. And in the beginning, there was only darkness.

Cover: The Cult of Aranha

Just look at that cover work! The Cross of Aranha is original art by Reed Alexander, modified by the cover artist, Madness Heart Press’s own John Baltisberger.

Reed Alexander

(He/Him) I’ve had multiple books and short stories published. I specialize in the terrifying, macabre, and the bizarre.

While my influences clearly include H. P. Lovecraft, I believe I was more directly influenced by Sci-Fi horror writers Harlen Ellison and Robert Heinlein. Indeed, my all time favorite novel is a collection of shorts, The Deathbird Stories, by Ellison. Even my choices from more contemporary writers like Stephen King tend to default to Sci-Fi horror. My favorite King novel being Tommyknockers.

-Published in Artpost Magazine for his short fiction “Inside” and the short fiction “Not In My Country.” (The magazine has since folded)
-Published by Madness Heart Press “In the Shadow of the Mountains,” “In The Beginning,” “Inhuman Error,” and “Artifice of Flesh.”

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