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Madness Heart Press Patreon Launched

We want to pay our authors more. We want to bring you fresh new horror, to this end we have created a Patreon. Of course, we would never ask for anything without offering something in return. Here are some of the things we are offering for our patrons:

  • Exclusive Flash Fiction
  • Exclusive Access to Reed Alexander’s Horror Review Serial fiction
  • Exclusive Patron Short stories
  • Bonus Episodes of Madness Heart Radio
  • Digital copies of every book we publish
  • Proof copies of new books delivered to your door, BEFORE they are available!
  • Bespoke horror created just for you from a prompt YOU dictate
  • Opportunity to have us advertises for you on Madness Heart Radio
  • Listed as Supporter on the MHP webpage
  • Shoutouts on Madness Heart Radio

As you can see, we’ll be doing a ton of content on Patreon for those who want to show their support, but we won’t be taking away any of the content we already publish through our free channels. Our goal is to expand what we offer, and by doing so be able to support the authors and artists who make amazing horror media.

Become a Patron!

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