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just break my heart already. by C. Clemons

For fans of the Wandering Monster podcast, we have a real treat for you, Lemons Clemons, our intrepid co-host has released their first book, just break my heart already. A collection of poetry that collects all their anger, heartbreak into one place.

Have you or a loved one suffered from self-induced heartache, quick-burning friendship, unrequited love, trauma so deep your muscles formed around it, the terrifying revelation that you continue to exist, or whatever just made that sound behind you?

Then ultimately you know what is contained within this book. A treacherous odyssey between hope and heartbreak, just break my heart already. is one fool’s journey through the minefield of trying to love others (and themself). The misfortune of trauma is contained within the cover but also the exploration and exorcism of that pain.

Unfortunately, the poetry contained within will not cure a shattered heart, but perhaps it will help identify the pieces.

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