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Independent Director, John M. Ware Talks Zombies

It has been a while since I posted anything. I apologize, but I ran out of interviews, and some people let me down. Enough of that. Enough of that. It’s a new year, and here are hopefully some new, more frequent posts.

Recently, I ran into John M. Ware. If you are a fan of the Syfy Channel, the name might be familiar to you. He wrote, directed, and starred in Thr33 Days Dead, which was broadcast on the network. The making of the movie was also featured in the Syfy series Town of the Living Dead. He agreed to participate in one of my little interviews about zombies.

Ware admits that he is not a born zombie lover. He stated that he “fell into” the subgenre when he started writing the film Thr33 Days Dead. He said that both writing and directing the film was a “labor of love.” While discussing how writing zombie stories can be very fun, he stated that he had some good times and bad times with the film.

Although Ware admits to not having always been a fan of the living dead subgenre of horror, he does have preferences within it. He stated that Return of the Living Dead was the first zombie movie he ever “watched and enjoyed” not counting The Evil Dead. Return of the Living Dead is also his favorite zombie movie with Zombieland coming in a close second. “Zombieland came out the day after I finished writing Thr33 Days Dead,” he explained.

When talking about zombies, the same question always comes up: fast or slow? Ware doesn’t have a specific preference. “It depends on the pace of the story. Slow zombies wouldn’t have worked in 28 Days Later. Fast zombies would have changed the dynamics of Night of the Living Dead,” he said. Ware does have a clear preference for the cause of zombies. “Viruses all the way,” he said. According to him, the reanimation of the dead seems a bit “far-fetched.”

Currently, Ware is working on a crime drama. He hopes to fund the filming of this project from the release of Thr33 Days Dead: The Director’s Cut. He also has a sequel and prequel to his zombie movie written. “All I need is the funding to make them.”

Ware states that he “loves” film making, and despite all the hardships he’s faced dealing with it he will never stop and knows he’ll find success one day.

You can buy episodes or the whole season of Town of the Living Dead on Amazon Prime Video. Also, the following link is for a trailer of Thr33 Days Dead.

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