A Baptism for the Dead

Historical horror set in the mountainous West, in a landscape of death and madness.

All Men Are Trash

A violent tale of women taking control of the War of Genders.


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American Cult Anthology

A collection of 6 stories of alternative history and distinctly American horror.

Ape in the Ring

From the author of The Reattachment comes a frightening and twisted collection of stories that demonstrates Douglas Ford’s imagination at its best.


Clinton Barlow is an attorney who serves supernatural clients. And they are trying to kill him. 

Bleed With Me

Critically acclaimed short story writer, Steven Lloyd, spills all on his success, childhood, and writing know-how. Lloyd opens his literary black book to give you the contacts you need for a successful start in the publishing world. Also includes a foreword by Mark Sieber and an introduction by Ronald Kelly.   

Broken Nails

Splatterpunk nominated author Susan Snyder’s debut chapbook of poetry.

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Corners of the World – Of the Book

For nearly 6000 years the Jewish people have been gathering stories. Stories of sheydim and golem. Stories of heroes and monsters. For as long as the People of the Book have been, they have been storytellers.Gathered here are tales of contemporary Jewish folklore. Frightening, supernatural, uplifting and upsetting.

These Jewish writers took old tropes, legends and concepts of an ancient faith and spun it into something incredible and new.From across the diaspora, they gather in; Of The Book

Creeping Corruption Anthology

16 stories by some of the freshest and best horror writers working today. Dig in, and feast on the corruption.