The Configuration Discordant

By John Baltisberger


Poetry in one form or another has been around almost as long as language. We have used it to communicate our joys and heartbreaks, our victories and our losses. But fear has also been a constant companion, and our ghost stories and monsters stretch their claws back into history as far as the eyes can see. The Configuration Discordant is an exploration of not only that fear, but of our global journey through poetry. 100 poems exploring 75+ forms of poetic expression from the humble haiku to the mysterious Qasida. Only through a full examination of our own fears and creative outlets can we ever hope to master, or give fully into, either....

John Baltisberger

The Mad Austin Poet, when not writing Kaiju Horror poetry, John can be found reading through the slush piles and submissions as the editor of Madness Heart Press. He spends his time squirreled away fervently working on the next book, only taking breaks to record episodes of Madness Heart Radio and Wandering Monster, or to eat, or to play with puppies. John lives with his patient and gorgeous wife Desiree, and maniacal and powerful daughter Aziza.

Praise for The Configuration Discordant

Angela Yuriko Smith

"Baltisberger explores the visceral dark. He probes the underbelly of the demon, breathes in the acrid odor of fear and regurgitates it here in this book. Much of the work drifts to fall in layers of meaning. They resurface like silt in murky water, winking under a dim sun to create new currents of thought.”

Rob Dittrich

“The Configuration Discordant is like being stalked by a monster through a house of mirrors. This is an adventurous and energetic exploration of what poetry can be. These poems engage the mind, as well as jangling the nerves. Baltisberger’s images will haunt you – this is the perfect book to take with you for a long walk, on an October evening. Through the cemetery.”

Lisa Lee Tone

"Baltisberger has an obvious gift for writing poetry. I find myself going back to reread specific poems because they stay in my mind. Not since Poe have I been so moved by horror poetry. This sophisticated collection of moving and horrifying poetry is a must for every horror library."

Reed Alexander

"There was a childhood book of poems that I loved very much. This is like those poems all grew up and started murdering children in their sleep..."