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Trigger Warning: Body Horror Released!

The moment is finally here. After waiting so long to truly share these stories with the world, Trigger Warning, Body Horror is available for purchase!

Featuring Stories from Susan Snyder, Jeremy Megargee, and 17 other amazing writers this collection is enough to make the most jaded reader squirm. When we sent out the call for body horror, we weren’t sure what we would get in response. We had to utilize every moment to ensure that the stories that made it into this collection were not simply gross or shocking, but shockingly good as well.

I encourage you to listen to our episode of Madness Heart Radio with Susan Snyder to hear more about the fantastic imagery and craft that went into this collection. Just click the link below, and you could be squirming in your seat in minutes!

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Body Horror Anthology Coming April-24th

Trigger Warning; a phrase that informs the reader that what they are about to read is going to be upsetting. Body Horror; torture, transformation, disfigurement.
Prepare for the most upsetting, gruesome and unwholesome stories dredged from my minds of today’s most promising horror writers. Stories where flesh sloughs off into heaping piles, where tongues leaking puss lick at torn wounds in lust, stories where parasites are the least of anyone’s worries.
Prepare for tales that made our editors sick and reviewers cringe, but as you read, remember: You’ve been warned.

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Ink Stained: Two Memories of Horror Comics

It’s always interesting what, in retrospect, shapes our perspective as children. What makes enough of an impact to last until our adult years – to mold us, form us – versus what we expect to be the formative events of our young lives. Rarely do the two coincide. The events that, after a span of years or decades, I remember are often not the ones I considered, at the time, memorable.

That’s not the case with my early exposure to horror comics, however. I can clearly remember my first two immersions in the stagnant swamp of horror graphics. One was a dip into what I suppose you could call the shallow end of the bog, and one was a plunge into the deep and chilly depths – a plunge that was as bracing and as transformative as a baptism in a glacial stream. And what’s more, in each case I knew immediately that I was seeing something that had changed me, and that I’d remember forever.

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Excerpt from “The First Shred” by DLW

Please enjoy the excerpt from “The First Shred” by DLW:

Ok I don’t know what kind of jokes cannibals make, but Ovag laughed at whatever Bace whispered to her. Then she smiled broadly at the executioner. I was staring at the maid opposite me and at the mop and bucket beside her. She was the only person in the room looking at me. Her brows twisted together in thought for a moment as her gaze shifted from me, and then to her feet, then back to me again. She picked up the mop and bucket and took one step back and to her left.

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