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Salamander Justice by Tamika Thompson Out Now

Salamander Justice is a creepy, sexy, fast-paced thriller that’s not afraid to get weird. As a well-crafted love triangle plays out on the surface, powerful elements of the natural world threaten the characters from shadowy corners and watery depths. This page-turner will leave you guessing until the end–and possibly reconsidering your next tropical vacation.
–Katherine Memmel

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Artifice of Flesh, the Second Book in the UPD Series Out Today

By John Baltisberger & Reed Alexander

Artifice of Flesh, the second book in the Unnatural Perpetrator Department (UPD) series, is out today.

The UPD is an “elite” department within the FBI that deals with supernatural, or otherwise unstoppable slashers and serial killers. As such their methods are somewhat unusual. This series follows the efforts of the Southern division within the department based in Houston, Texas. Agent Ronny, an indigenous shaman uses natural forces to even the playing ground. Joe-Jack Gulledge an Appalachian hick uses hedge magic and folk medicine to keep his team alive. Jira, a fae gremlin handles the supernatural app “NQuisitR” to assist the team in the field while Dianna Saferstien a woman with no magic ability whatsoever struggles to see into the mind of these unnatural killers. The whole team is led by Miranda Murdoch, a gruff woman who seems to exhibit primal magic and strength.

In Artifice of Flesh, the team comes up against a mass killer who runs experiments on its victims. Each crime scene is a monument to torture, necromancy, and alchemy, and when the killer is done, the victims are posed, fleshless mimicking great works of art. The team is joined by Joseph, an uninitiated FBI agent looking to make his first big collar, and Wolf, a Jewish mystic who has a vendetta against necromancers.

You can get Artifice of Flesh, and book 1, Inhuman Error, now in digital or physical format at Madness Heart Press below or on Amazon right now!

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Book One of the UPD Series “Inhuman Error” Now Available

Inhuman Error by James Lief and Reed Alexander, the first book in the Unnatural Perpetrator Department series is available in PDF, MOBI and Paperback now! This series while pioneered by James and Reed will be open to any author who wants to dip their toes into the setting, a sort of open license for creating within this world.

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Susan Snyder Joins the Team

I want everyone to welcome Susan Snyder to the writing team here at Madness Heart Press, you may recognize her work from the Body Horror Anthology, and from our interview with her on Madness Heart Radio. Susan will be writing two features for the blog!

Abhorrent Versification will be regular horror poetry by various authors with Susan leading the charge and operating as the featured poet. Anyone who has spoken to me knows I adore this horror poetry and want to feature it wherever possible!

And her very own passion project, Susan is addicted to Sharksploitation movies, think of all the greats from Sharknados to Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Shark Excorist, and Sharktopus. Sunday Funday will now include a review of your favorite and least favorite shark themed horror love letters!

We are very very excited to welcome her to the team!

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In The Shadow of the Mountain Released!

Cover by Jon Claeton

The quiet town of Kodiak Lake is great place for snowmobiling and ice fishing. It’s a picturesque Adirondack village that’s a destination location for a select type of winter lover. But something is wrong in the Adirondack mountains. Some people have begun acting oddly, and others are terrified. What stalks the winter wonderland seeking refuge inside the residents of this sleepy town, and what is watching from the shadows with far too many eyes?

Check out the interview with Reed below, and purchase a digital copy of the book below that!

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Evolving and Expanding

We are more than a publisher, and as such we are always trying to expand. Many of you have already seen our contributor call, and some of you have even answered it.

Today we are proud to present a new layout for our blogging efforts. From now on, to the right of the screen you can find a pull-down menu of categories. This pull-down menu allows you to find exactly what sort of content you are looking for, whether it’s flash fiction, short stories, reviews, news or even podcasts.

We hope you enjoy your time browsing through our site, and we would be honored to host your own creepy stories or interesting thoughts on the horror as well.

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Wishlist Added to Page

Because there are certain styles of stories we want at certain times, that doesn’t really fall into a submission call. We’ve created the ‘wishlist’ page. This page will be updated semi-regularly with the sort of things we are really interested in finding and reading at any given time.

Added today are the wish for Grim Fantasy and Kaiju Stories

Prospective Authors are encouraged to keep an eye on our wishlist page.

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A New Leaf

Fans and friends, Facebook told me today that those of you who currently follow Madness Heart Press on Facebook haven’t heard from me in a while, and that’s true, I haven’t made an update or written a new story for the blog in quiet some time.

In November I shifted gears, after long talks with Desiree, we decided the greatest thing we could do would be to turn our eyes away from self-promotion and towards the promotion of others. If was a tenant taught to me in my time in the food industry, never seek to take over, instead grow the market. Isn’t that a nice sounding buzzphrase? But it’s accurate, the best way to grow, is to make sure there is room to do it.

By starting our own Digital Publishing house, we could give far more writers a chance to be seen and read. We could comb through the stories that we love and share them with the world. Instead of asking others to pay me for my stories, we could make our living helping promote others.

We have an amazing 2019 planned. We have two books of poetry and an anthology primed and ready to drop in the first quarter alone. With an second anthology and a novel in the works for the second quarter. We are going to grow quickly. We are going to print amazing stories that bring joy (and fear) to our readers. 

But we do need help. I want to thank all of our readers and fans from the bottom of my heart, and ask for more. We want to grow organically as much as possible. If you are reading this, invite your friends and family to like our Facebook page. If you don’t like us on Facebook yet, join us. Word of mouth isn’t our only method of promotion, but it is the most powerful one we have. 

Thank you so much for your support, I can’t wait to terrify you in the coming year.

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In Service of Slaughter

Service of Slaughter Front Cover.jpg


We are very happy to announce that our second chapbook ‘In Service of Slaughter’ is now available in our online store!

You can also pick it up on amazon.

In Service to Slaughter, is a collection of 25 poems, each following a different poetic form. Each poem delves into the themes of killers, murderers and those beloved slashers we have all come to know and love. I am very happy with this collection, and I hope you will be too!

Oh. My. God.
If you love slasher flicks, serial killers, serial killer profiling…you are going to LOVE these dark and twisted poems. WOW.
These take dark and demented to a whole new level.
Dive into the mind of a crazed killer, feel their joy and excitement as they kill. That’s what these poems do.
At first you’ll be shocked, then uneasy, then you’ll start to dig deeper.
This book will leave you twisted.
My favorite poem in this collection is Devouring God. The crazed mind of a killer who thinks them self a god.
Toymaker is another favorite. The imagery of innocence lost. Childhood destroyed.
-Roxanne Rhoads