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Book One of the UPD Series “Inhuman Error” Now Available

Inhuman Error by James Lief and Reed Alexander, the first book in the Unnatural Perpetrator Department series is available in PDF, MOBI and Paperback now! This series while pioneered by James and Reed will be open to any author who wants to dip their toes into the setting, a sort of open license for creating within this world.

UPD is an urban fantasy setting in which the FBI deals with slashers and supernatural killers with distressing regularity. Not only can they utilize the full powers of the FBI in their investigations, but they have an impressive toolbox of supernatural assets as well. Spellwork, Faerie, and occult technology all play a role in keeping humanity safe from those things that would rend them limb from limb.

Something has emerged from the lake waters of Houston to slaughter partying campers. A special unit of the FBI is dispatched to investigate and stop the murders. The Unnatural Perpetrator Department, division of the FBI, is a unit of agents that specialize in the mystical, the occult, and the divine. They are tasked with hunting and stopping serial killers of ‘unnatural origins.’

Enter Agent Dianna Saferstein, a gifted criminal profiler from a mundane background. She must come to terms with the existence of magic, faerie co-workers, and stop an uncontrollable killing machine that has a taste for the brains of its victims.

Pick up your copy now!

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