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Dead Grass

Walking through the field of dead grass behind the apartments, I noticed it was dark. It was only the early afternoon in Texas. Overhead, what had been a beautiful clear day was overcast, the clouds storming in swiftly from the west to create a blanketed sky. I watched the clouds for a moment, standing alone in the field of dead grass before I felt the too long, cold fingers, grasp and pull me down and under.

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Prison of Stars

“Prime numbers are what keep us safe, what stands between us and them, they are the only thing in place that stops . . .” Marcus trailed off, probably seeing the look of pity and disbelief written across my face. We were in a small cafe in a seedy part of town, sitting over coffee that smelled like it had been brewed from recycled coffee grounds in a pot that was never washed. It wasn’t the sort of place I had expected to meet with him.
Marcus had been a brilliant student in high school, his understanding of physics and mathematics rivaling that of his magnet program teachers. His ego, combined a lack of interest in anything any other high school aged kid cared about made him unpopular. I had been his friend, if only in passing, maybe I was one of his only friends. Maybe that’s why he was reaching out to me now. His e-mail had been cryptic at best.

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