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The Mayfly

Consider the mayfly. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. It can’t. Mayflies, you see, live such a short time that they are born without mouths – indeed, without digestive systems of any kind. They hatch, they mate, and then they die, all in a single day (although the larval stage of the mayfly – called a nymph – lives much longer). Seen from one perspective, that’s a tragic fate, a cruel joke of an existence. Seen another way, however, mayflies are an example of two seemingly contradictory forces of nature held in balance and tension: the incredible, explosive variety of organic life, and life’s fleeting and impermanent nature. Generation upon generation of mayfly have repeated a simple DNA loop over and over until it has been worn smooth, adapted perfectly to its environment but also fragile: a flame of incredible beauty flaring to life in the darkness, only to be snuffed out once more.

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Reed Alexander’s Horror Review of ‘Lovely Molly’ (2011)

A creative look at America’s cult of victim blaming.

Ehh, erm… uhhhh… yeah I can give it a pass. I have to admit, it took me a couple of attempts to get all the way through this movie. However, something kept pulling me back to give it another shot. And while it may have taken four overall sittings, I have to admit, it was at least interesting.

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Scott A. Johnson Haunts This Blog

Scott A. Johnson is a scary dude. He’s written 10 novels, three true ghost story guides, a chapbook, and a collection of short stories. Originating in the Lone Star State near Austin, Johnson recently earned his MFA in publishing and writing popular fiction from Emerson College, and he teaches at Seton Hill University’s MFA program for writing popular fiction. (Johnson was my teacher there, as well as, my mentor.)You might find him riding his Harley around the Austin area with his pug along for the ride. Just to make him a little more badass, he teaches Kajukenbo and has a stare that can unnerve a veteran psychotherapist. 

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How Not to Horror

My editorial position is to review and write about, predominantly, things I enjoy. I’ll let the occasional gripe or complaint slip through, but for the most part I’ve found that nonstop delectation in the guzzling of Haterade is, while enjoyable, a young man’s game, and in my 30s I have learned to ditch shame about what I enjoy (and thus the concept of the “guilty pleasure”) and embrace who and what I am. Life is a far briefer rocket ride than most of us would care to contemplate, and maximizing my enjoyment of the journey at this point means focusing on the things I love a little more and the things I hate a little less.

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Reed Alexander’s Horror Review of ‘The Possession of David O’Reilly’ (2010)

‘What’s Eating David O’Reilly’

A pretty solid indi horror that got largely looked over.

Everyone who’s a fan of my reviews, knows I’m not a fan of ‘Shaky Camera.’  There are exceptions to this, as with all things, but I feel it’s a band wagon most studios need to start falling off.

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Elsa Carruthers Loves Werewolves

This week I talked to my friend, Elsa Carruthers. She’s been busy editing a book of critical essays on Westworld and preparing a critical essay chapter for Not a Fit Place: Essays on the Haunting of Hill House. She also has works in Amazing Stories Magazine Spring 2019 edition and NonBinary Review 19. Fortunately, Carruthers took time to discuss her favorite monster—the werewolf.

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