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Milk by Evelyn Deshane Pt. 1

In honor of Pride Month, we are so happy to offer this story about a young transgender man by author Evelyn Deshane. This story was originally submitted for the Body Horror anthology, and we didn’t think it fit that theme, but we knew that it was an important story, and one we wanted to be able to tell the world. We have broken it into three parts, and one part will be offered each week of the month. Enjoy!

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Susan Snyder Joins the Team

I want everyone to welcome Susan Snyder to the writing team here at Madness Heart Press, you may recognize her work from the Body Horror Anthology, and from our interview with her on Madness Heart Radio. Susan will be writing two features for the blog!

Abhorrent Versification will be regular horror poetry by various authors with Susan leading the charge and operating as the featured poet. Anyone who has spoken to me knows I adore this horror poetry and want to feature it wherever possible!

And her very own passion project, Susan is addicted to Sharksploitation movies, think of all the greats from Sharknados to Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Shark Excorist, and Sharktopus. Sunday Funday will now include a review of your favorite and least favorite shark themed horror love letters!

We are very very excited to welcome her to the team!

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We sat in a circle, each of us with a half dead thing in our hands. We had tried to bring them to life on our own. Injecting our own souls, tears and blood into them. But there they were limp, ragged and useless. We hoped that through our shared experience, chanting psalms of encouragement and judgement, one or two of them might see life. There was a time, each of us thought ourselves invincible, that our creations would unfurl to take this world into a new age of darkness with us as its dark lord. We forsaken writers wept.

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In The Shadow of the Mountain Released!

Cover by Jon Claeton

The quiet town of Kodiak Lake is great place for snowmobiling and ice fishing. It’s a picturesque Adirondack village that’s a destination location for a select type of winter lover. But something is wrong in the Adirondack mountains. Some people have begun acting oddly, and others are terrified. What stalks the winter wonderland seeking refuge inside the residents of this sleepy town, and what is watching from the shadows with far too many eyes?

Check out the interview with Reed below, and purchase a digital copy of the book below that!

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