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Broken Nails by Susan Snyder Now Available

Poetry has long been the language of rage. The disquiet ghosts of our own discomfort and paralyzing fear rising up in sometimes-broken verse to express itself in bellowed whispers. Splatterpunk nominee Susan Snyder’s debut chapbook of poetry ‘Broken Nails’ is no exception to this, each poem overflowing with the emotional outpourings of a woman who has too often been told to paint herself in the veneer of societal femininity only to be beaten down and left with chipped paint and broken nails.

“A bold and vulnerable debut, Susan Snyder’s Broken Nails proves to be a bloodborne and fiery arrival.”
—Stephanie M. Wytovich, Bram Stoker award-winning author of Brothel.

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The 2019 Anthologies Birthday Sale

We had an amazing 2019, just look at the books in the banner above, it was a completely incredible first year. Now we’ve paired back, slowed down a bit so we could ensure that the books we were bringing in match out vision, we’re working with visionary authors like Susan Snyder, Lucas Mangum, Charles Bernard and more.

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Ghastly Gastronomy Cookbook Now Available!

As soon as we started a publishing company, I knew I wanted to put out a cookbook. But how? How does one create a good cookbook when you run a horror press? The answer, was awesome. We put out a call for stories that involved a recipe. Not a creepy ingredient not cannibalism, but an actual, real, delicious recipe.

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