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Artifice of Flesh, the Second Book in the UPD Series Out Today

By John Baltisberger & Reed Alexander

Artifice of Flesh, the second book in the Unnatural Perpetrator Department (UPD) series, is out today.

The UPD is an “elite” department within the FBI that deals with supernatural, or otherwise unstoppable slashers and serial killers. As such their methods are somewhat unusual. This series follows the efforts of the Southern division within the department based in Houston, Texas. Agent Ronny, an indigenous shaman uses natural forces to even the playing ground. Joe-Jack Gulledge an Appalachian hick uses hedge magic and folk medicine to keep his team alive. Jira, a fae gremlin handles the supernatural app “NQuisitR” to assist the team in the field while Dianna Saferstien a woman with no magic ability whatsoever struggles to see into the mind of these unnatural killers. The whole team is led by Miranda Murdoch, a gruff woman who seems to exhibit primal magic and strength.

In Artifice of Flesh, the team comes up against a mass killer who runs experiments on its victims. Each crime scene is a monument to torture, necromancy, and alchemy, and when the killer is done, the victims are posed, fleshless mimicking great works of art. The team is joined by Joseph, an uninitiated FBI agent looking to make his first big collar, and Wolf, a Jewish mystic who has a vendetta against necromancers.

You can get Artifice of Flesh, and book 1, Inhuman Error, now in digital or physical format at Madness Heart Press below or on Amazon right now!

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