About Madness Heart Press

What is Madness Heart Press?

We are so much more than just an online book store! Madness Heart Press is a new kind of digital horror publisher. We believe in open and honest communication, so we put the basics of our agreement right on the submissions page. We demand excellence from the authors we choose to publish, but we are willing to publish more. To put simply, however, Madness Heart Press is a full-service digital publisher. We also publish content on Facebook, Youtube and our blog nearly every day.

What is a Full-Service Digital Publisher?

A digital publisher is a company that takes the works of authors and distributes them through companies like Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles as e-books. Because we don’t have the same overhead that a traditional publisher has, we are able to offer a far higher royalty agreement. By full service, we mean that we are committed to quality. When we look at a manuscript, we look at it for it’s potential. Once we accept a manuscript we offer editing, proofreading, cover design, and formatting.

Only Digital?

Absolutely not. While our focus is digital we are constantly on opportunities to provide our customers and authors with print options.

Why Not Self Publish?

Today self-publishing on the digital market is easier than ever. So why split your royalties with a publisher?

  • Publishers act as Gatekeepers of Quality
    • Because self-publishing is so easy to do, retailers, contests, reviewers and many others within the literary world are hesitant to accept self-published books.
  • Marketing
    • Our success as a publisher is dependant on your success as an author. We will work on advertising and promoting your book, allowing you the time to worry about writing.
  • Editing
    • While we expect manuscripts submitted to us to have basic proofreading done, and be readable, we will take the time to suggest edits and work with you to make your story stronger.
  • Community
    • We work hard to support our authors and create a space for them to market and promote their work, no matter who published it. We believe that our first priority is supporting and growing the genre with emergent authors.