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Interview with Artist Teresa Guido

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Teresa Guido, a former character artist for Piazo. And a woman who does fantastic character design and commission work. Piazo is best known for their work in Pathfinder.

Reed: Tell me a little bit about yourself.  Where you’ve lived, your travels, your inspirations.

Teresa: I have always dedicated my life to perfecting my artistic skills, which have been joined by a strong culture linked to the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres.  My journeys have been in the authors, books that have made this passion always live. I realized I wanted to be an artist around the age of 8 when I picked up a pencil and realized, compared to my younger peers, I could draw in a different way.

How did you get started as an artist?  Did you go to an academy or university for it?

I attended academic art schools, I was trained as well as self-taught through my teaching.  I provide workshops for students age 13-18.

That’s very inspiring.  What are your experiences with these teenagers?

For me it’s an enrichment of life and gives something to future generations if they ever want to undertake this type of work.

Do you have a process?  What gets you motivated to create?

What leads me to create is unequivocally the absolute calm, at least in the sketching phase; the most rational.  Only at the end of the artistic work can I move towards a more irrational phase, for the details (which make the difference)

Do you meditate to achieve this frame of mind?

I don’t meditate, I try not to think, because in a freelancer job I learned to regulate myself a lot with the daily discipline, when possible.

What’s your favorite medium to work in?

I love the ink and the traditional art also the charcoal and the oil, for professional reasons I have pushed myself on the digital painting.

You seem to have a lot of subjects.  Animals, Sci-fi, character work, weird critters.  What’s your favorite subject?

My specialization is the realization of characters, personally I prefer the horrified or strange creatures, where I can draw on my imagination.

Your personal favorite subjects are weird creatures?  Mine too. Do you think it comes from a dark corner of your mind?  Are you a horror junkie like me?

I am a devourer of novels and horror movies, so surely my imagination is influenced by this.

What’s your favorite horror movie?


I notice a lot of line drawing, but also there’s a softness when you use color.  How do you achieve the texture?

I don’t use texture brushes, I create them with a basic brush, you get many hours working the color base blending it with lights and shadows.

Is there an artist you draw inspiration from?  Perhaps a fantasy world you draw inspiration from?

If one in particular perhaps you know him, his artistic name is Brom

I understand you’ve done a lot of work for Piazo.  How did you get into gaming art?

I sent my portfolio to the various gaming production houses, I started from the indie ones and then I got to the most known.

Have you ever had a block?  A work of art you were struggling to finish?  How did you push through?

Oh it happen often, but i have learned how to unlock my head, sometimes I just have to stop and pick up the piece of art after a few days.

What advice would you give, or motto you could give to inspire more young artist’s to create?

Even if they criticize your work bitterly, keep believing it!

Do you have any upcoming projects you want to share with us?

I’m currently working more on private commissions

Any events in your future that you want to plug?  Gallery showings, conventions, signings?

I will present a small workshop in an art school in my country, I hope to attract the attention of the kids on this beautiful world!

Make sure to look out for Teresa’s workshops near her home town of Acquaviva delle Fonti Italy.  You can find her works at the link below.

You can find Teresa at: Facebook Gallery Instagram

And request comissions from her personally at

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